TWS Leech Service

TWSLeech Service is professional windows-service-hosted bridge to the IB Trading Workstation for virtually any application or programming language to receive real time market data or trade an Interactive Brokers account.

Main features

  • Subscription for stock price
  • Automated subscription for related option contracts
  • MSMQ publishing
  • Placing/Modifying/Cancelling orders (stocks)
  • Checking status of orders
  • Account and portfolio information
  • Automatic maintenance of connection and all requests
  • Logging and tracing


Fifteen day free trial

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Installation instructions:

  1. Make sure Microsoft .NET version 4 is installed on the target computer
  2. Unzip archive to a local folder
  3. Follow instructions from the archive

Supporting projects


TWSLeechServiceGUI is an example of Graphical User Interface that retrieves real-time market data posted by TWSLeech Service from MSMQ. TWSLeechServiceGUI


TWSLeechBackDoor provides examples for posting orders. TWSLeechBackDoor