Neural network indicators

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Neural Network Indicator for MGM

This indicator predicts price change in dollars from the current time to the end of the next trading session.

MGM Intraday is a neural network trained on eight input streames of classical market indicators and two propriatory for predicting price moves. We do not recommend keeping positions open overnight but rather monitor change in prediction value for day trading.

The indicator refreshes every ten minutes.


How to trade:

What you need:

1) One minute charts of MGM
2) RSI chart (period 9 or 10)
3) MGM Neural Network Indicator software

What to do:

IMPRTANT: Do not use before 10:40am!
1) Buy when Indicator is green (solid color) and RSI<=20 OR Sell when Indicator is red (solid color) and RSI>=80
2) Aim for 4-5 cents in profit
IMPRTANT: Always exit at the end of the day!

Check current value of the indicator: MGM_Daily_Options_BasicPrediction_V2

Historical charts: MGM_Daily_Options_BasicPrediction_V2 Charts


Try our Neural Network Indicator for MGM desktop app: Get it from CNET!

Installation Instructions:
1) Make sure Microsoft .NET version 4 is installed on the target computer
2) Start MGM_NN_Indicator.exe